An Italian pig with mottled coat, bright red flesh and a texture that only an animal reared on the move can have. Maiale Nero represents a challenge as it takes time and patience to cultivate the product. However, the final product is a simple, sweet Big Pig salami.

A product belonging to our peasant tradition – now controlled and made safe by modern production processes – made of delicacy and balance, a simple and old recipe of meat stuffed only in natural
casings and not driven by any drying starters (VERIFICARE STARTER ASCIUGATURA).
From the beginning, the raw material is so rich, nothing else is needed except skill and time.

The Black Pig salami rests for about 90 days in Boschi Fratelli cellars located in Felino and we like to define the salame as ”live”, because it releases different aromas and scents that vary from one day to the other. It is up to us, indeed, to the master seasoners, to choose the right time to take it out from the cellar.
The choice of the the right moment to slice it and taste it is, on the other hand, super easy.

Technical Infomations
  • Code : CA0270

  • Packaging : 900 g

  • Weight : 4pcs per case

  • Case Pack : 90 days

Organoleptic profile
  • Appearance and color : Irregular cylindrical shape, ruby red colored and white fat

  • Texture : Tender, it melts in your mouth

  • Aroma: Aged and lightly spiced

  • Taste : Sweet and delicate