The Black Pig, a native pig to Italy distributes fat in the lean part of it’s compact meat through daily movement. Commonly, referred to as “ingrassinata” (fattened), it is usually noticed in the face structure of the pig.

Following the traditional recipe of San Secondo Parmense we prepare this exceptional meat with double dry salting, followed by a 2 week process marinating with herbs and spices. After, we bone and sew it into a natural casting and slow steam cook in a temperature controlled environment. The finished product is a unique carefully crafted Spalla Cotta with a velvety texture and savory flavor.

A precious raw material and a traditional process turn into delicate flavor and velvety texture, two unique
features that are hard to be found elsewhere.

Technical Infomations
  • Code : CA0290

  • Packaging : Half – Vacuum Packed

  • Weight : 4.5-5.0 Kg

  • Case Pack : 2pcs per case

Organoleptic profile
  • Appearance and color : Tight, pink colored and white fat

  • Texture : Tender, it melts in your mouth

  • Aroma: Roasted Ham flavors and pleasant spicy hints

  • Taste : Sweet and intense