Experience meets innovation. Introducing Veal Ham, light, versatile and delicate.
A new raw material of the highest quality, 100% Italian and carefully selected. This is the outcome of our selection as we searched for you a balanced product with unique nutritional properties, naturally low on fat, rich in taste and a source of proteins. With its practical bar shape for easy slicing at the deli counter, Veal Ham is not only easy to preserve, it is also an eco-friendly choice, with minimum waste, since it can be used up to the last bit.

We wanted our Veal Ham to have soft slices and wonderful aroma that only slow steam cooking can ensure. Expert mixing of natural flavourings brings out the natural taste of the meat, without ever overwhelming it, and the result is a balanced flavour, highly digestible product truly suitable to all, young and old.

And now for you a very difficult task, because Veal Ham versatility is surely amazing. We are asking you to help us decide with absolute certainty whether Veal Ham tastes better very thinly sliced in a panini or in a thicker slice, as a delicious main course.

Technical Infomations
  • Code : D12860

  • Packaging :

  • Weight : approx. 5 kg

  • Case Pack : 1 pcs

Organoleptic profile
  • Appearance and color : deep pink, old rose

  • Texture : compact and melting

  • Aroma: delicate hint of natural spices and vegetables stand out

  • Taste : mild, full and balanced