Just like a good wine starts from the vineyard, a good Parma starts from the raw material. Step one is in fact the selection of a few breeders with strict sustainability standards.

A product that is simple–yet impactful. Made only with only two ingredients, sea salt and meat–we provide premium prosciutto. We ensure that the meat will be as sweet as Parma with our careful maturation process. The meat goes through two phases of salting done by hand and must be “ingrassinata” (i.e. fattened). This is the prelude to the rest that the Prosciutto di Parma is going to have in Boschi Fratelli cellars.

During this 30 months phase of apparent inactivity, the thighs take on the typical cellar scent given by biochemical and enzymatic processes that are as natural as mysterious. Everything happens thanks to
control, patience, silence broken only by the sound of the windows that the seasoning masters decide to open or close according to the clouds near the top of the mountain, thus regulating humidity and temperature, and allowing the Marino to gently blow into the cellars of Pratopiano.

Parma is the transformation of rigid selection, craftsmanship, natural factors, precious hands and a breath of wind into pure magic.

Technical Infomations
  • Code : CA0190

  • Packaging : Product tied up in a rope

  • Weight : 12+ Kg

  • Case Pack : 1 per case

Organoleptic profile
  • Appearance and color : Tight, pink colored and white fat

  • Texture : Velvety and soluble

  • Aroma: Fragrant

  • Taste : Sweet and delicate