A raw material such as black pork, chosen for its texture and peculiar aromatic profile, fits perfectly a product that traces its roots in the history of our peninsula, back to the “De Re Coquinaria” of the Roman nobleman Apicius. And it enhances the pleasure to the palate.

Characterized by its two colors, white and red, and by its two elements, fat and lean, our pancetta follows a production process made by simple processing steps at our cellars of Felino Boschi Fratelli. It starts with dry salting – salt is fundamental for preservation-, passing through wet and cold salting, where keeping it at low temperature prepares the meat for the next stages ending with massaging and rolling, the real prelude to seasoning.

Thanks to the repetition of these very same actions, pancetta gets to your senses as a simple slice or as a partner in your gastronomic adventures, happy to be both cured meat and ingredient.